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Terms and Conditions

Dynamic LGV Driver Training Ltd will assist the trainee in the following:

  • Assist the trainee in deciding if they are suited to a career in LGV Driving.

  • Arrange the doctor’s appointment for the LGV provisional.

  • Assist in completing the LGV provisional forms.

  • If required Dynamic LGV Driver Training Ltd will book the Theory & the Hazard Percrption test.

  • On completion of the Theory and Hazard Perception test, Dynamic LGV Driver Training Ltd will help in deciding the course best suited for the Trainee.

  • Dynamic LGV Driver Training Ltd will book the LGV Driving Test with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).


Obligation of the Trainee


  • The trainee will provide accurate information to Dynamic LGV Driver Training Ltd at all times.

  • The trainee will be in possession of all necessary legal driving documents whilst undertaking the relevant training course.

  • The trainee will show to the LGV Examiner, both parts of his/ her driving licence plus the Theory & the Hazard Perception pass certificate, if these are not shown this will result in an automatic fail.

  • If the trainee is thought to be under the influence of alchol or illegal drugs at any time the course will be forfeited.

  • If a Theory & Hazard perception test is booked by Dynamic Lgv Driver Training Ltd, a booking fee of £5 will apply.




  • Our training courses will last between 3 and 10 days.

  • Training will usually be from 08 00-12 00 or 12 00-16 00, the trainee will spend 3.5 hours at the wheel unless an intensive course is booked, if an intensive course is booked the trainee will spend 7 hours at the wheel.

  • In the event of the vehicle breaking down Dynamic Lgv Driver Training Ltd will arrange for the trainee to have further training to make up for lost hours.

  • To reserve a course a deposit of £150 (non refundable) will be required.

  • All courses must be paid in full prior to training taking place.

  • If the course has not been paid in full before the course is due to start the course will be forefited resulting in the loss of the deposit.


Data Protection Act


See our Privacy Policy. Dynamic Lgv Driver Training Ltd will not give out any personal information, with exceptions to the DSA when booking the Theory / Hazard Perception or the LGV driving test.




  • When a training course is cancelled within 10 days of the training start date 50% of the course fee are liable to be paid.

  • When a course is cancelled within 5 days of the start date 100% of the fee will be liable to be paid.

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